In addition to its own brands marketed locally, ADUGS has many years of experience in development and production of goods for private labels. ADUGS is a producer of multiple retail brands, specially designed for stores all over the world.

For private brands ADUGS develops and produces confectionary products such as oatmeal, sugar and butter cookies, crackers, cakes, gingerbreads, rusks, wafers and wafer cakes, as well as hand-made products. Additionally, ADUGS offers a variety of different packaging: stand-up plastic bags, “pillow” plastic bags, horizontal flow-packs, plastic trays, carton boxes, display cartons, bulk boxes for products that weight between 1 and 4 kg and many other types of packaging. The distinctive features of ADUGS are high and sustainable quality, reasonable pricing of the final product, and more importantly – producer’s flexibility and the ability to adapt to the needs of every customer.